LB1914_Sports_AN Game620_1LB1914_Sports_AN Game620_1
The Naval Academy Lucky Bag, the annual yearbook of the midshipmen, is an invaluable source of of information--and of extreme interest and amusement to Navy aficioados. During the early 1900 the art of photography was in its early stages and the Lucky Bag consisted mostly of text--no photographs. In fact the first six Lucky Bags (1894-1900) had almost no photographs in them at all. The midshipmen were left to their creativity for the content of the book. Below is the 1901 Army-Navy game. It is a drawing of every play of the game, from beginning to end. It includues: runs, kickoffs, kicks, fumbles--even penalties.

Army Navy Game #1_LB1901001 copy First HalfArmy Navy Game #1_LB1901001 copy First Half

Army Navy Game #2_LB1901002 Second Half copy 2Army Navy Game #2_LB1901002 Second Half copy 2