How To Navigate


Use Your Coupon

Your coupon code is your order number. It looks like this:


It can be found under MY ACCOUNT (ZenFolio) if you are

logged in to Plebe It is not accessible on Pixiset, where the photographs are posted.

Click on MY ORDERS (upper right hand corner of the screen).

Find the order for purchase of access to Ac Yr 2022-2023.

The coupon code is worth $20.00 and with it you an purchase AT NO CHARGE ten (20) files. You do need to order four files at a time. You can use the coupon five times. 

Once you order the file link will be emailed to you.

To the right is the

link to the

Ac Yr 2022-2023 

photo galleries.


The following screen will appear. You are looking at the General gallery, the first gallery. It is a general explanation of the 2022-2023 Ac Yr photography. Each box is a photograph in this gallery. Along the top is the NAVIGATION bar. CC
To the right is the entire NAVIGATION bar. vv
Left side of NAVIGATION  bar is access to all the galleries.


From Left to Right:

A) The Title of the Collection. In this case Ac Yr 2022-2023. This Collection consists of multiple galleries, or events.

B) General. This gallery is basic information about the Ac Yr 2022-2023 collection of galleries. Each gallery is a group of photographs. Note that it is darker than the other galleries, indicating it is the one you are viewing.
C) Dec 9 1900 HRS Pep Rally. The first gallery. If you click on it, the title will be darker and you will see the photographs in the gallery. After the Pep Rally gallery you will see links to other galleries--but not all of them.

D) More you will click on to view all the other available galleries.


The right side of NAVIGATION bar are important links.


E) Print Store is the link you click on when you wish to download a file, by either using your coupon or purchasing it.

F) Cart is what you have already thought about purchasing. Notice the green #1. It indicates there is already one item in the cart.

G) Favorites are the photographs you like and have been saved for you on this website. To save a photographs just click on the heart.

H) Sign Out is exactly what it says.



To download files (you need to download four (4) at a time to use the coupon), hover over on Print Store. This may not seem logical if you are downloading/purchasing file(s), but it is the process.

When you hover over it, you will see:


Click on it. it is a link.

You will now see this screen, which explains what you are downloading with a coupon or by purchasing. Click on:


The next screen you see will be the one on the right. It is the General gallery. In the top upper left hand corner of the screen, there is a very small All Photos. Click on it. gg

You will now see all of the galleries. Click the gallery where the photograph is that you wish to download.

I will click on Dec 9 1900 HRS Pep Rally to demonstrate process.


Here are all the photographs in this gallery. Select the first one you want to download. I selected the third one. Click to make sure it is checked in the upper left hand corner. You now have to select three (3) more photos. If you are going to use your coupon, you need to select four (4). Otherwise the coupon will not work correctly. You are not able to download 1, 2, or 3--only four.  


In the sample to the right you can see four (4) photos have been selected. Perfect.  Then click on Next in the far upper right hand corner. ww
You will see the four (4) photo(s) you have selected to download. Click on Add To Cart. ZAAZAA

Type in your email address. Then click on

Sign In.


You will now see your cart.

Again, this is a sample with only one file. You should see four (4).

The cost for the files will be shown. It will be $8.00. The next step is to use your coupon. Click on Proceed to Checkout.


Unfortunately, even though a link will be sent to you for the file, you will need to fill out all the information.

Please know that we do not sell it or do anything with it.

Click on Next.

To the right you will now see your order. This sample has only one file. Yours will have four (4). You will also see a place to use your Coupon. Reminder your original order number on Zenfolio is you coupon number. It is worth $20.00. Each file is $2.00. oo

Click on Apply Code. A popup will appear. Type in your Coupon Code. Then click on Apply.



Your $8.00 has been applied. You have ZERO balance. You can only use this Coupon code five times. Four files each of the five times equals 20 files.

Click on Next.


Here is your order.

Click on Next.


This is your confirmation.

Click on Finish.

It will take you back to the gallery page.

You will receive an email with a link to download the files.