This summer we are using Facial Recognition. Its use has required us to provide three accesses for the Plebe Summer photographs. These three accesses work independently of each other. These accesses are described below. It is important to understand how they work.

#1 Induction Day

These are photographs taken on Induction Day only. The galleries have all been uploaded. No more will be added. To access these photographs, hover over PlebeSummePhotoAccess and click on #1 Induction Day. Here is link for direct access.

A password is required for this access. This is the only place the password is needed.


Trouble Shooting

I do not have the  password.

Email me requesting the password. Include your first and last name, the one on the account. Write: Request password for Induction Day Photographs

Purchase of access is required for this access.

My password does not work

My guess is:

1) You are using the wrong password. The password is NOT the same one you created for your account. It begins with "G".

2) You have typed the password in incorrectly. OR, you are not logged in. If MY ACCOUNT appears in upper right hand corner, you are logged in. Otherwise you are not. Log in. Always log in.

I get a message saying there is an error Open up an Incognito or Private window. Type in your email and your password.
I do not see any photographs past Induction Day There are none.



#2 MoreThan2Platoons

These are evolutions in which more than two platoons are involved. A PEP run would be an example. we are not able to separate the platoon in these evolutions. Facial Recognition would be worthless. Most of the galleries that are added to MoreThan2Platoons are at the beginning and the end of the summer. As the evolutions occur , we will add the gallery. Please do not expect that new galleries will be added every day, even every other day--even every week. It depends solely on the evolutions and when they occur.


Evolutions in MoreThan2Platoons include

PEP runs, Brave Heart, Honor Coin, Silent Drill Team, Track and Field Smoker, Boxing Smoker, Soccer Smoker, Bowie Bay Sox, Sports, Phone Home, and others. Please do not email me if one of these evolutions is missing. We may not photograph it or it has not yet happened.


Trouble Shooting

When I click on MoreThan2Platoons, it says, "Empty."

Email me requesting for MoreThan2Platoons to be activated. Include in your email the following:

1) The first and last name on your account,

2) The request, "Please activate MoreThan2Platoons."

I do not see any recent postings. There are none because this access includes only events where we can not identify any of the platoons.  Example would be PEP runs, Brave Heart, Honor Coin, Rate Competition, etc. These typically occur at the begnning and at the end of the summer
Another parent has more galleries in their MoreThan2Platoons than I do.

You should have the same number. Please email me with the following:

1) First and last name on your account

2) Request, "I do not have the same number of galleries in MoreThan2Platoons than another parent.


I do not have access to MoreThan2Platoons You are probably not logged in


#3 Facial Recognition

These are evolutions where we can  identify the platoon. In most cases, it is actually two platoons, the two sister platoons. 


Evolutions include

Climbing Wall, Close Order Drill, High Ropes, Meal Formations, Martial Arts, Obstacle Course, Weapons, Circuit, Sailing, Swimming, etc.

Please do not email or phone me if any or these evolutions are not included in your Facial Recognition. We do not guarantee that we will photograph any specific evolution for any specific company--or Plebe.



Trouble Shooting

I do not have access to the galleries: July11-20, July 21-31, and/or Aug 1-15.

Click on the Profile icon in upper right hand corner and click on My Galleries. You should see the four galleries. If you do not, email me with the following information:

1) First and last name on your account

2) Plebe's platoon

3) Your phone number

4) Galleries you are missing


I have access to galleries that are not my Plebe's platoon

Email me with the following information:

1) First and last name on your account

2) Plebe's platoon

3) Your phone number

4) The platoon and galleries you have access to that are not your Plebe's


My Facial Recognition access does not work

Try the following:

1) Use an Incognito or Private window (first choice as it should eliminate every issue)

2) Use a different browser

3) Reboot your computer

4) Use a VPN service if you are in one of the following states: Illinois, Texas, New York, Washington, Arkansas, California. These states, Illinois actually blocks through your IP address the Facial Recognition feature.

There are photographs from another company/platoon in my Facial Recognition galleries This sometimes happens as some events include one platoon and then another non "sister" platoon.
There are no photographs of my Plebe in any one of the evolutions. This is certainly possible. we are not able to do anything about this.
My Facial Recognition tool does not work. Use Incognito or Private window
There are no faces of my Plebe in the faces in the circle. I am not able to do anything about this.
The Facial Recognition produces a limited number of photographs View all the photographs in the gallery. This should be done anyway.
The screen is too big

First, use the CONTORL - or + to make your screen smaller (-) or larger (+). If this does not work, email me with the following information:

1) First and last name on your account

2) Platoon number

The following request: "My screen is too big."