Q&A Academic Year Coffee Table Book


Q: What sources are there for photographs for the Ac Yr Coffee Table Book?

Below please find a list of the ones we are aware of:

1) Larry Thornton

2) US Naval Academy

3) Phil Hoffmn

4) Bob Peterson

Q: How is the book constructed?

1) Hard front and back cover with gloss color photo

2) Horizontal 11x8 format

3) 1-4 photos on a page. Depends on the photographs selected

4) About 25 pages. Exact number i will depend on photographs selected.

5) Forty photos included in price. Additional photos can be added. 5 for $30.00. There is a sliding scale after the first five

6) Name on front cover included


Q: Do I have to purchase the Coffee Table Book now? A: No, you do not. Just add photographs to your favorites in case you decide later to order the book.
Q: Can I purchase file for $3.00 and use it in the Ac Yr Coffee Table Book?

A: Yes. We would give you $3.00 credit toward the purchase of the Coffee Table Book. For example, if you purchased 25 files for a total of $75.00, you would receive $75.00 toward purchase of the Coffee Table Book. We will keep track of your file orders for you.

Q: Will you photograph my midshipman's sports event? A: Yes, it would need to be at home. You would need to provide date/time/location. Charge is $100.00. Academy must give permission for me to photograph the event..
Q: What events will you photograph during Commissioning Week? A: The ones the Academy okays me to photograph. This could include: Commissioning/Graduation, Parade, Silent Drill Team, Sailing Wards.
Q: What sports events will you photograph? A: Navy VS Army at Annapolis.
Q: What photographs can be included in book?


1) My photographs

2) Your Midshipman Portrait

3) Your photographs

Q: How many photographs can I include in the book? A: Forty.
Q: Can I put more than 40 in the book? A: Yes, there is additional charge over 40. $30.00 for the first extra 5. After that the price for extra photos is on a sliding scale.
Q: How many pages will be in the book? A: We do not know exactly until we design the book, but about 25.
Q: What is the  process for making the book?


1) You save photographs,

2) Select the best,

3) I edit photographs and you approve editing,

4) I design book and you approve design.

5) I order book with about 2-3 week delivery

Q: When will the book be delivered to me? A: This depends on you. I will work on these books for three weeks after Commissioning Week. I will work on them again after Plebe Summer 2022.
Q: How do I get to you photographs other than the ones you take? A: Email me, but keep in mind that you can only email a few at a time. Keep size of file as large as possible.
Q: How do I let you know the photographs I want in the book that you have taken? A: Save them as Favorites. Click on the ""heart."
Q: How do I receive credit for each photograph I purchase? A: I will keep track of your orders.
Q: Can I pay for the book in full now and download files without paying the $3.00 per file? A: Yes. If you pay for the full amount now I will send you a coupon worth $249.95. Each time you want to download a file, just type in the coupon. It is easier this way.
Q: Can I include photographs from Commissioning Week that I take, or you take? A: Yes, absolutely.
Q: Can I legally use photographs from USNA and other sources in the Coffee Table book. A: We believe you can. Photographs taken by the government are in Public Domain without any Copyright applying. Also, you are not redistributing or selling. Your use is solely personal. My charge for the  Coffee Table book is for the organizing, editing, cropping, designing, and printing of the book--not for the photographs. Those you are supplying