Army Navy Week / Pranks / The Ping Pong Ball

Dec 6, 2022


It was Dec 6, 2022. Three small planes circled the target. When all was said and done, there were twelve passes over the target. Not all of the drops hit their targets but that's okay. Damage was done. This tactic included dropping pamphlets during World War II to intimidate the enemy. Psychological warfare it was called. And it worked.

The enemy in this case retaliated in the middle of the night right in the middle of the enemy territory. pulling of one prank after another.

This was war, of a kind. It was special, very special. The annual rivalry between Army and Navy at their annual football game. But it was not bombs. It was ping pong balls. On them were printed, "Beat Army." One December between 2003 and 2007, when Admiral Rempt was Superintendent of the Naval Academy, the ping pong balls were pink. This is not a new prank by any means.
Pink Ping Pong Ball Black copyPink Ping Pong Ball Black copy