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What is Waldo Doing?

WEEK 3: Training Days 13-19 (July 17-24)




July 17

Character Development 3 begins: Session 3 of 8 sessions.

Swim 4 begins Session 4 of 7 sessions.

Blue Jacket Manual 2 begins

Character Development 3 begins: Session 3 of 8 sessions)

Honor Coin Ceremony: Once during summer. Each Plebe is given an Honor Coin by a member of the Class of 1967. That class, which graduated 50 years ago, represents the 'link in the chain." Held in Alumni Hall in evening.



July 18

Sea Navigation 2: This is a hands on experience aboard the YP (Yard Patrol boats)

Martial Art 4 begins: This session is typically lower body strength work.

Endurance Course 2 begins: This time the 3.2 mile run through the woods is timed. The times count toward the summer Color Company competition. Plebes love this event, especially when it has rained profusely the night before. They love mud.




July 19

Store: Intro to Mid Store

Character Development 5 begins (Session 5 of 8 sessions)

AAO: Not sure what this is.
ID CARD: Issuance of ID cards

Sailing 3: On the Severn River

Squad Combat Course begins: This is actually two major events three hour long:

1) PT with one squad while the sister squad completes Zodiac Boat Race evolution

2) Once completed, the two platoons switch

It takes 15 days (not including Sunday) for all companies to complete the evolution.



July 20

Swim 4 begins (Session 4 of 7 sessions)

Tailor 2 begins

Sailing 4 begins: Session 4 of 7 session. These sessions overlap. While one company id completing sailing 3 another may be completing sailing 4.

USMC Obstacle Course #2 begins:

USMC Silent Drill Team: The USMC Silent Drill Team, along with the USMC band inspire the Plebes to work harder on their drill skills.





July 21

Formal Dress Parade: #2

Swim 4 begins

Character Development 6 begins (Six of 7 session)



July 22

Character Development 5 begins (All these sessions overlap as all companies complete them at various times.)

Swim 5 begins

Martial Arts 4: Usually martial arts as opposed to boxing, wrestling, etc.

Platoon Drill Competition: This competition marks

the end of the first half of Plebe Summer. Each platoon performs stationary and moving drill sequences in fron tof the Gunn. Each platoon is evaluated. In addition, each Detailer is evaluated.

Damage Control 3 begins: This is a written test.




July 23


Phone 2: Phone home