ThorntonStudios | Training Days 12-18


We provide the following based on what has happened in the past.

No guarantee that it will happen this way. We will know more as the week progresses.

Week 2: Training Days 12-18 (July 10-16)



July 10

Hair: One of three times during Plebe Summer for haircuts. The last time will be right before Parents' Weekend.

Climbing Wall 2 begins: 2nd of two sessions. This one is by Platoon and is practice climbing the wall in Halsey Field House. Take about 12 days to complete all platoons.

Character Development 3 begins: Third of 8 sessions.



July 11

Tailor: A fitting for Uniforms. Takes about 3 weeks to complete.

Martial Arts 2: The second of 5 martial arts sessions begins. This one is usually boxing.

Wet Trainer: Once during the summer. One company at a time are transported aboard the YP (Yard Patrol boats) and go to Baltimore. There they enter a ship, top half of which is cut off. The ship's exterior is immersed in water and the Plebe have to repair the ship from the inside. Will be completed about July 28.

Swim 2: Swim 2 begins.

All Sports Day: Intramurals begin, each afternoon for about an hour.

Martial Arts 3 begins: Third of five session. This one usually focuses on lower body strength. Will take 6-7 for all companies to complete. Martial Arts 3 will ove lap will Martial Arts 2 and 4.





July 12

Practice Parade: First practice parade in lieu of PEP. Held at 0600 HRS on Worden Field. Gunnery Sergeant instructs Plebes in drill as long as he can. Every Wednesday for four weeks.

Swim 3 begins: Third session of 7 sessions.



July 13

Climbing Wall 2: By platoon, the Plebes practice climbing the wall. Takes about a week for every platoon to complete CLW2.  


July 14

Formal Dress Parade: First of 3 Formal; Dress Parades. Parades are the culminating activity for Close Order Drill.

Swim 3 begins.

Alpha Inspection

Sea Nav 2 begins: One of three sessions. This one is on YP boats on Severn River.

Sail 2 begins: Third session of 8. Will begin while some companies are stilling completing sailing 1. Sessions overlap.



July 15


Platoon Drill Competition: Each platoon displays their drill sequences, both stationary and marching, before the Gunny who scores the performance of the Detailer, as well as the Plebes. This competition happens once during each set of detailers. It will take two days.

Character Development 4 begins: Fourth session of 8. Will begin even though all companies have not finished Session 1.

ID CARD: Production of Military ID. This will take about four weeks to complete.




July 16


First Set Ends: After three weeks, the first set of Detailers, who by this point are exhausted, leave> A new set take over.

The job of the First Set is to decivilianize the Plebes; the job of the Second Set is to build up the Plebes' confidence and morale.