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Training Days 1-4

You are welcome to forward this link to other parents in the Class of 2022. It will help them understand what happens during the first four days of Plebe Summer 2018.


The information below hopefully will comfort you, the parents of the GREAT Class of 2022, as you go through Plebe Summer 2018. The information is based on our knowledge of previous Plebe Summers and what we find out on our daily walk through the Yard. It is as accurate as we can be. The major "evolutions" (activities) are listed below.  


Training Days 1-4 (June 29-July 2)

(Training Day 1 was Induction Day)

DAY Events


June 28


Induction Day


June 29


PEP: Indoctrination (One Day Only) Explains each of the parts of the daily morning PEP: Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance. PEP is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Friday is the "Circuit" and Saturday is "Braveheart."

Room Cleanup and Morning Meal Formation (Most Mornings, except Sunday)

Placement Exams (For about a week in various subjects)

Command Religious Program (Introduces Plebes to religion at the Naval Academy)

Typical Routine for End of Each Day

Personal Time: 2100-2130

Blue and Gold: 2130-2145

Lights Out: 2200

Saturday, June 30

PEP: Initial Strength Test (One Day Only); Plebes are evaluated for their strength, etc. At end of summer there is a comparative PRT (Physical Readiness Test).

Weapons Training (Once for each Company): The night before Plebes are issued rifles and given serious lecture on the USCMJ (United States Code of Military Justice).

D&B Tryouts (occurs several times over next week): Drum and Bugle Corps play at Meal Formations, Parade, Football Games, etc.

Yard History Tour: This takes about 3 days. Completed by company, Plebes are taken around to monuments/statues, etc. in Yard. Detailers explain importance of each monument, etc.

Brief: Basically a lecture. Many during the summer. Usually held in evenings in Alumni Hall.


July 1

Chapel Services: 0900-1200 (every Sunday)

Close Order Drill: Plebes are introduced to military drill that culminates in Plebe Platoon Competition and Formal Dress Parades. Most evenings at 1900 hrs. About 17 of them during the summer.