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Training Days 5-11 (July 3-July 9) 

This is just our expectations based on the many years we have

photographing Plebe Summer. It is pretty accurate. You are welcome eto share this with friends, parents, platoon facebook pages -- and your own facebook page. We ask only that you give us credit for the information.





July 3

Swim begins: Lesson 1 of 7: Lesson 1 is a basic swim test. The remaining lessons focus is on swim strokes, diving, swim test.

USMC Obstacle Course #1: Twice during the summer. The first one introduces Plebes to the Obstacle Course. This will last 15 days, one day for each company. Completed in early morning when heat is not so oppressive that the course has to be cancelled. After 15 days, then comes USMC Obstacle Course #2, for time and Color Company Points.

Music: Held over the next several weeks.

IRT: Interpersonal Relationship Training. One lesson that focuses, in lecture/discussion format, how to conduct yourself around other people. Moral issues are important.

DC1 (Damage Control 1): Lesson 1 of 4. A presentation of how to control damage aboard as ship. DC1 is followed by DC2 (hands on training) and DC 3 (A written test) as well as a trip to Baltimore where the Plebes are placed in a sinking ship and have to control the water damage from busted pipes, fire, etc. Top half of ship is cut off for demonstration purposes. Water surrounds ship.

Character Development: About 8 of these during the summer. Plebes are lectured on development of personality traits and development.

Bravo Inspection: A room and uniform inspection conducted several times during the summer.

Fourth of July Fireworks Displays: Yes, the Plebes enjoy the Fireworks display of the City of Annapolis.

Finger printing: What is sound like, fingerprinting for ID purposes. Takes 3-4 weeks to fingerprint all Plebes.



July 4

Confidence Course: One lesson only lasting 3 hours. Conducted as a platoon evolution. This is a High Ropes course at the Naval Station. Held early morning, 0630 HRS, to avoid heat issues.

DC2 (Damage Control 2): Lesson 2 of 4 is a hands on experience with repairing pipes, handling hose, and equipment. 

Sea Navigation: Introduction to navigating the sea. Sea Nav 1 is held in classroom setting.

Sailing 1 begins: About 9 of them. They start in classroom, but most sessions on Colgate sailing boats. Plebes learn: knot tying, Points of Sail, Rigging/derigging/Man Overboard.

Endurance Course: Held twice during the summer a company. Plebe run through 3.2 miles of woods, up and down steep hills, over across under and through obstacles. Called the "E" Course.

Martial Arts 1: Lesson 1 of 5 lessons. First lesson is boxing or wrestling. Lessons focuses on wrestling bxing, lower body strength, upper body strength, boxing wrestling, and martial arts.




July 5

Etiquette Tutorial: Once during the summer.

Uniform: Fitting Plebes for their multiple uniforms. Takes several weeks.

SAPR: Not sure what this is.

Fingerprinting: For identification purposes. Once during the summer.

Eyes: Eye exam. Held once during summer.



July 6

Dentist: Like it sounds, teeth exam.

Character Development 1: Character Development is a major emphasis during Plebe Summer with 8 sessions. It will take about a week to process all companies through Character Development 1.

Martial Arts 2 begins: Wrestling or Boxing




July 7

Sports Brief: Introduction to the intramural sports period held in the afternoons most days.

Damage Control 2: Starts about same time as DC1 and extended 15 days. Hands on training in: Pipe Repair, Hose Handling, Equipment.

Uniform: Fitting on uniforms. These uniforms include SDB (Service Dress Blues), FDB (Formal Dress Blues) and others.

Sailing 2 begins: Usually in classroom. Eight lessons in all, most on Colgate sailboats in Severn River.

Saturday, July 8

Climbing Wall: Two sessions, first as a company with intro to equipment and the climbing wall. This takes about 8 days. Then as a platoon with actual wall climbing.

Blue Jacket Manual: The Blue Jacket Manual intro. It is the essential part of a sailors sea bag for more than 100 years.

Fireside Chat: Informal talk with company, platoon or squad leaders.

Sunday, July 9

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