Please read the following information carefully before signing

up for photo access or ordering a Coffee Table Book.

This website is available to you as parents of midshipmen. 



We guarantee that we will take about 150,000 photographs during Plebe Summer. We can not guarantee that we will photograph any specific company, specific evolution, or specific Plebe. We do our best. Our approach is a shotgun method. We photograph every company, Plebe, as much as we can, during each and every event.  


The Copyright to these photographs belongs to Thornton Studios. Included with your purchases of photo access is a waiver on the copyright for photographs of your son/daughter for your personal use only.



Refunds are available in the case of separation from the Academy, not for injuries, quarantine, etc. The refund for separation is prorated on the basis of the number of days your son/daughter was active during the summer divided by the 45 days of Plebe Summer.