During Plebe Summer we offer for your convenience economy prints of the Plebe Summer photographs. Delivery time is about a week to a week and a half. The quality of the prints is better than a CVS or Walmart, which do not last long and are made on very thin paper.

Here is how to  order your print(s)

Below please find open one gallery of photographs. Let's assume you wish to order a print or prints of the large photograph. You can order copies of multiple prints but you add one print to your cart at a time. Click on any thumbnail to view the photograph you want to order.

Wallets $1.79 / 3.5x5, 4x5, 4x6 #1.29 / 5x7 $2.14 / 6x9 $2.98 + postage

To the right of the photograph is the Print Ordering Panel. It is white. Click on the + at the end of the line that corresponds to the print size you wish to order.



Order A Print AOrder A Print A

These prints are economy prints.

This photograph is now in your cart. 

Continue to add photographs to your cart,

WHen you are finished,  click on Go To Cart at bottom of ordering panel.

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You can view Cart below. The photographs are printed on E Surface paper.  They are color corrected. Click Edit to crop the photograph yourself. You can also select the number of copies you want. When done, continue through checkout.

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You can add as many photographs as you want. 

Prices do not include postage/shipping. 

The photographs will remain in your cart if you close the website or shut down the computer.

Larry Thornton / 443-699-3000 / [email protected]