In the upper left hand corner of your screen you will see the link below. This is a link to your FAVORITES. The number in parentheses, (5), means you have 5 FAVORITES saved.
Another Set AAnother Set A
If you click on the link, you will see your FAVORITES.
Another Set BAnother Set B

To create a new set of FAVORITES, click on the small down arrow right after (5). you will see:

MY SELECTION (5)                    Rename     Save As     Delete
+Create New

Click on Create New. The screen below will appear.
Another Set CAnother Set C

Type in the name of your new selection. The options are:

CTB Approved Edits Thornton. Use your last name. This stands for the edited photos you wish to put in your Custom Coffee Table Book.


When you have finished typing in the name for your new selection click Save to the right of the box. You will see (0) at the end of the new set.This means there are no photographs in your CTB Approved Edits Thornton selection you just created. BY the way, do not use my name. Use yours.
Another Set DAnother Set D
Now go to the gallery of FAVORITES I sent you. You will still see in the upper right hand corner. You will see the following in the upper left hand corner of your screen. It is the set of 5 favorites.
Another Set AAnother Set A
Here is your screen with your gallery of FAVORITES.

Another Set FAnother Set F
Click on the down arrow again and select the Thornton CTB set of Favorites.
Another Set GAnother Set G
YOU ARE DONE. Now every photograph you save as a FAVORITE will be saved to the ThorntonCTB set of FAVORITES.