Below is a view of one gallery of photographs. Let's assume the large photograph is the one you wish to download.

Note: The background color may be different than what you see here.


Before you download it as a file, save it as a FAVORITE. This is very, very important, for several reasons:

1) The files saved to FAVORITES are needed to create your custom Coffee Table Book.

2) If your computer crashes or you delete the downloaded files, we will have a backup for you.

3) At the end of the summer you can download all your files at one time as a ZIP FILE.

4) It also is a record of what galleries you have reviewed and can help you find more photographs.

Above the large photograph in the middle that you will see two icons. The one on the right is the DOWNLOAD icon. It is a horizontal box with a down arrow above it. See below. 

Downloading CDownloading C
If you hover over the icon the word "DOWNLOAD" (not shown) will appear. Click on it and another download will appear (not shown). Left click on Original (1335 x 2233).  Disregard the number (1335 x 2233) in parentheses. Clicking on ORIGINAL will download this one photograph only. When downloaded save to your computer. DO NOT click on ALL AVAILABLE ORIGINALS. This action will download all the photographs in the entire gallery.
After you download the photograph, save it to your computer. We are not able to give you direction on how to do this part as every computer is different.

Larry Thornton


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