Creating An Account

Click on the first link, "Login/Create Account."
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You will see the screen below. To create your free account, fill in the information on the right hand side of the screen only. It is titled, "Create an Account."

STEP 1: Type in your full name, last name first with a space between the last and first name. Do not use your midshipman's name. EXAMPLE: Thornton Larry

STEP 2: Type in  the email address you want to use. This email will be used as your password, for automatic access to the photographs in your midshipman's company for the summer.

STEP 3: Create as password. We receive more phone calls/emails over the summer because parents forget or type in the wrong password. If you type in your password incorrectly five times, your access will be blocked for 24 hours. I have no access over your password. I do not know it. If you do get "blocked", wait the 24 hours and then reset you password using the "Forget Password" link.

HERE IS OUR SUGGESTION: Use the year your midshipman graduates and his middle name. EXAMPLE: 2025Temple

Please write down your password everywhere.

STEP 4: Check, "I have read and agree to terms." When you check this box, you are agreeing to two sets of terms:

A) The terms of Zenfolio, and

B) More importantly, the terms for purchasing access and using my website. These can be found under Q&A. The link is titled, "Terms." The terms include Copyright, Guarantee, and Refunds. Please be sure to read this. Call me if you have any questions. Larry Thornton 443-699-3000

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