Click on your son/daughter's platoon to view a FACIAL RECOGNITION gallery. These galleries include a small sample of photographs from various Plebe Summer evolutions of your Plebe's platoon. 

To see how it works:

Step 1) Find your son/daughter's face in the horizontal bar above the photographs. Scroll to right for more faces. Select the face.

Step 2) Scroll down gallery to find one photograph of your son/daughter. Click on it.

Step 3) You will see a sub gallery of all the faces that match the selected face.

Facial Recognition, according to some parents, is great. For others, it does not work as well. Either way you still need to view the entire gallery to find all the photographs of your son/daughter. This is especially true if you are purchasing a Coffee Table Book.

This summer we have taken about 250,000 photographs

--almost double last year. 

Link to purchase access

Sample Coffee Table Book



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