Q: How many photographs will you take during the summer? A: I am not able to give you an exact number. Last year, with a three week Plebe Summer, it was 160,000. The year before it was about the same. We were able to provide the same number of photographs in a shorter time period because I had hired four more photographers.
Q: How many photographs will you take of my Plebe?

A: We can not give you, or promise, an exact number. Usually it is 75-200. This will depend on various factors:

1) WOUNDED. If your Plebe gets hurt he/she may not participate in activities while "wounded."
2) CANCELLED. We photograph as many evolutions as possible for each company. Several of these evolutions are extremely important in terms of photographs. For example, the Squad Combat Course where we are able to take 40-50 photographs of every plebe.  If cancelled there is no make up and we will be missing those 40-50 photographs.

3) STEALTH PLEBE: Some Plebes actually hide from the camera, though not very many. 

4) COMPANIES O and P: Every summer, these companies tend to be the last to do many activities. They also tend to be hard to photograph, such as during Meal Formations where they are somewhat inaccessible.


Q: How many times will you photograph my son/daughter's Company? A: Normally 8-12 times, that is in a normal 7 week Plebe Summer. 
Q: What are the file sizes? A. 12 to 20 Mexapixels. When we use our NIKON cameras it is 20 MP. When we use the GOPRO cameras for photographs is about 5 MP.

Q: Will you photograph each company the same number of times?

A: We make every effort to photograph each company about the same number of times. It will not be the exact same number of times, but usually within  3-4 events. During the first three weeks (First Set) we photograph every company we can at every evolution we can. During the second three weeks (Second Set) we focus on those companies whom we have not photographed as much because scheduling made it impossible.
Q: Do you take panoramic photos?

A: Below is a panoramic of PEP. Above the panoramic are two photographs of a Plebe entering the PEP field. This panoramic was included in the Plebe's  Coffee Table Book.

Click on LINK below to view sample Plebe Summer Custom Coffee Table Book.

The photos in book are only photographs of our Plebe that you have selected.

Pan 600WPan 600W


Q: Will you photograph every company at every event?
A: Some evolutions are more important than others. An example would be the Obstacle Course, High Ropes Course, and "E" Course. We try to photograph every company during these evolutions. However, we do not photograph in rain, and some times evolutions are just cancelled. We are not given a heads up.

Q: Are the photographs edited?

A: The photographs are camera edited only. That means we compose and set sensors to capture the best color in the existing light conditions. Those you wish us to edit, save them as a FAVORITE. At the end of the summer, we will edit the photographs you have selected for editing. This is included in your purchase of access.

Q: What is the difference between an unedited and edited photograph?
Unedited AUnedited A



Edited AEdited A
Unedited BUnedited B
Edited BEdited B


Q: Will you photograph the "injured" Plebes? A: "Injured" Plebes are ones that do not participate in an event because they are sick, etc. The Academy has asked that we do not. Some times we do however.
Q: What kind of photographs do you take?

A: There are several types.

1) ACTION: Our focus is to photograph your Plebe alone or in a group "in action," 

2) GENERAL SHOTS: We take photographs trying to show you the general picture of where the Plebes are doing,

3) NOT IN ACTION: We also take photographs of Plebes not "in action." These are important because the expressions are priceless.

Q: If I contact you, will you take more pictures of my son/daughter? A: We are not able to that, at all. Academy prohibits it and it will embarrass your Plebe. Maybe even get him/her in trouble.
Q: If I call you, can you take more pictures of my Plebe's Company? A:We do our best to photograph each company roughly the same number  of times. We can not guarantee this.
Q: I can not find my Plebe. Can you, find him/her and take a picture for me? A: No
Q: If an evolution is cancelled, can you photograph it another time? A: The answer is "No."
Q: When you are at an event, do you photograph every Plebe? A: We do our best to do so. The way we do this is to rotate between the "stations" at an event. We rotate backward, or in reverse order, so we are not following the same Plebes from one station to the next."