Q: What are FAVORITES? A: Basically these are photographs your Plebe is in.
Q: How do I save a photograph on your web site as a FAVORITE? A: Easy. Move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the photo you want to save as a FAVORITE. A grey heart will appear. When you click the heart, it will turn red. Your photo is now saved.
Q: Can we download all the FAVORITES at the end of the summer at one time? A: Yes, you can.
Q: What happens if I download photographs and then my computer crashes?

A: We can retrieve them for you IF you have saved them as FAVORITES. You would need to email me requesting I send you a ZIP FILE of all of your FAVORITES. There is no charge for this service. However, I can do it only once.

Q: Can I create several sets of FAVORITES? A You can, but I would discourage you from doing so. Causes confusion at end of summer.
Q: If I have a set of FAVORITES can someone else see them? A: Yes, but you would need to give them your account information for access.
Q: Where is the link to view my FAVORITES?

A: In the upper left hand corner, right at the top. It will say, " My Selection (0)." The number in parentheses is your number of favorites. Below you will see the link. The number in parentheses, (5) is the number of photos that have been saved. Click on "My Selection" to view all of your FAVORITES.