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Q:What is the size of the Photo Book? A: There are two sizes available, both in horizontal format:11x8.5 and a 7x5
Q: How many pages are in the book? A: 25
Q: How many photographs can I place in the book? A:25 with one photo for front cover and one for back. 27 Total
Q: How many photographs are on a page? A: One
Q: Do I select the photographs? A: Yes, you do.
Q: What kind of cover does the book have? A: A hard cover with a glossy print.
Q: What is the price of the book?

A: $299.95 /8x10

$149.95 / 5x7

Q: How do I let you know what 25 photographs I want in the book? A: You save photographs to a set of Favorites labeled photo Book. At the end of the summer, email me that you have selected the 25 photographs. I do the rest.
Q: Can I have the book by Christmas? A: Yes.
Q: Do you edit/crop the photographs? A: Yes, we do.
Q: Will the photographs be placed in order? A: Yes, as best we can.
Q: Can I see a sample book?

A: Click here.