Your access to the Plebe Summer photographs has been activated.

Because of the Facial Recognition feature,  there are three different accesses. Here is how to access each, along with their description:

Induction Day Galleries. These galleries require a password. The password is: 2026grad. It is case sensitive.

To access log in to your account, however over photo access  ps.  Click on: InductionDays-Clients. Type in the password 2026grad. Access is automatic.

Multiple Platoon galleries. These are galleries that include more than two platoons. There could be 10, 15, or even 30 platoons in the gallery. Searching is involved There is NO FACIAL RECOGNITION available for these galleries.  

To access, log in to your account. Hover over 2026. Click on more than2paltoons, The galleries will automatically appear.

Facial Recognition galleries. These are galleries with two platoon, your plebe’s platoon and the sister platoon.

To access, click on this link:


Larry Thornton