Please keep this email for reference during the summer.

WELCOME, parent of the Great Class of 2019:

Thank you for signing up for access to the Plebe Summer 2015 photographs. We hope to be taking about 50,000 photographs, with about 50 photographs of your Plebe. We will do the best we can, though there is no guarantee. Finding Waldo will depend on the amount of time you spend daily looking through the day's postings. Last summer one parent found 150 photos.

To help your "Finding of Waldo" enjoyable and easy, please do the following:

1) Let us know within the three days who recommended us to you. Use this email link: All you need to do is to say: "I am Charlene Thompson (your  name) and I was recommended by James Burns (person who referred you)." This way you will both be issued a $5.00 Gift Certificate as we work by referral.  Here is link to your Gift Certificate Code (applicable after Parents'

Weekend) and how to redeem:

There is a second Company promotion that you may be interested in. See this link for details:

2) This site is best accessed using desktop/laptop versions of the following browsers. The browsers need to be the latest version. I Pads do not work particularly well with this site.

PC and laptops


Internet Explorer Version 9, 10, and 11

Latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

Latest version of Safari on Mac OS X

Chrome seems to work the best. I-Pad does not function well.

If you are using a mobile device, not all functions are available to you.


This website is compatible with the default browser (Safari) included with IOS devces. It is also compatible with most default browsers included with mainstream Android devices.

3) Download our Mobile AP, Photo Moments by ZenFolio. It can downloaded free at Google Play or the Apple store. We use Photo Moments to email Credit Members daily a link to the photographs for the day once posted  -- and to keep you abreast of what your Plebe's company did, when we know it.

4) Set up the email you used for your account on this website so it does not block any emails from:

5) Be sure your Account password is simple and easy to remember. We suggest the title of a song. Mine would be MoonRiver1.

6) All passwords are case sensitive. On the third attempt, you will be blocked from access for 24 hours; we can not reset it. You have two passwords, one for your personal account and the second one for photo access.

7) Set up your computers to remember your account email/password, and photograph password. 

8) Look through the photo postings daily. We spread the photographs in your company folder out over several days to make it easier for you. 

8) Print your Membership Order. It will give you your Gift Certificate Code. My Account>>My Orders.

Your Social Media memberships includes:

  • Daily postings of photographs
  • Organization of photographs by day and company
  • Option to purchase for $12.95 an instant 1 MP downloads for social media. This size file can make an acceptable 3.5x5 print
  • Available for promos
  • Photo access through August 30
  • Upgradable to Basic or Credit at any time

 Your Basic Membership includes:

  • Option to purchase 3x 5, 5x7 and 8x10 prints.
  • Extend the access to photographs until Sept 30
  • Option to purchase Plebe Summer Photo Book
  • FAVORITES: a page on our site to save photographs as the summer progresses
  • Photo access thru Sept 30, 2015

Your Credit Membership  includes, in addition to the above

  • $99.95 credit in the form of a Gift Certificate
  • Mobile AP with daily email link sent to your account email address. The link will give you access on your mobile device to the photographs soon as they are posted.
  • Access of photographs through June 15 2016
  • Access to Sea Trials and Herndon photos in May 2016

We have also listed below important links should you ever have a question:

Finding Waldo
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Favorites Saving Them
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Gift Certificate
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If you have any questions, please call me.

Larry Thornton  CELL:443-699-3000

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