"I am writing to express my assertion that Lay Thornton and Thornton Studios are an enduring and vital part of the Naval Academy family. . . He has served a photographer for generations of midshipmen, officers and their families ... his talent with a camera is unquestionable. . . he serves as an ambassador to the Naval Academy for visitors.'

--Stephen Phillips '92

Author of Recipient's Son, used at the Academy as a textbook

"I can't thank you enough f0r all the help you gave me yesterday. Just the fact that you took the time, out of what I am sure is a busy day, to contact me at home is more than I have ever come to expect! Then to give me a tick by click tutorial on you website navigation, too much to ask!"


"As Plebe parents . . . we joined Larry's following and found photos of Andrew during basic training or engaged in meal formations, formal parades, and football games.  I called Mr. Thornton numerous times to ask him questions and he was extremely patient with me in spite of my lack of computer skills.  We're appreciated Mr. Thornton's services, patience and professionalism and wanted to express, on behalf of future plebe parents, how grateful we are for the valuable services."


"I am writing in regard to my 2017 Photo Album. which was published by Mr. Thornton. I received it a few days before Christmas. It exceeded my expectation and was truly a gift. . .We spent probably a total of 20 hours or more on the phone getting these pictures into a book. Mr Thornton went way beyond his duty to help me finish the book. I am so proud of the book."


"Thank you. We are looking forward to photos from the 15th company. Thanks for all you do."


"Thank you! Just loved the book you did for me."


"Beautiful pictures. I am very excited about Commissioning Week 2015."


"Thank you so much!!! Yes! We love the portraits!, A Must every year!!!"