The Photo Book Photographers

We are the photographers who in 1980 wanted to support the parents during Plebe Summer by providing videotapes and photographs.

Today, our support includes not only photographs, but:

1) What the Plebes do daily

2) Information about most "evolutions"

We are also the photographers who offer, in addition to files and prints, your personalized customized 8x10 PLEBE SUMMER PHOTO BOOK. For us to make your book, usually given as a Christmas present, all you do is select the 22 photographs from the 50-60 high quality images we take of your plebe during the summer. You can supplement our images with some of the 8-10 photographs from the Alumni Association website (you need to purchase for $70.00 Alumni Association Membership for access). You can even use your own personal photographs. 

THORNTON STUDIOS (Larry Thornton) has served the Naval Academy community for over 40 years with professional photographic services.

For me photographing Plebe Summer is not a "job." It is a passion project, wedded to my love and passion for photography and the power of the photograph.

My father participated in Plebe Summer in 1935 so I have a personal connection to the Naval Academy. An even stronger personal connection to Plebe Summer, as my father unfortunately had to separate from the Academy from illness, an illness that eventually led to his death 20 years later.

The equipment I use is all NIKON, always has been since 1967 --- no prosumer equipment. One lens I own is the NIKON 400 MM lens. It weighs alone about 13 pounds. But what it can do is incredible and unparalleled.

Photographing Plebe Summer for you is a challenge requiring discipline. Our 36 years experience makes this possible, with:

1 Over 65,000 photographs, posted daily, identified by company;

Photographs of almost every Plebe at each event we photograph. We remain at the event the entire time to insure we have a photograph of every plebe.

3 Photograph during the early morning/evening and outside the Yard. These are times and places not photographed by anyone else.

4 Photograph every company participating at an event. This means we will photograph an event such as the Squad Combat Course 15 times, one time for each of the 15 companies. This way we know we have a photograph of every Plebe. Actually in the case of the Squad Combat Course, we will take 10-15 of each plebe.


Our Plebe Summer 2016 services include:

1) POSTING of PHOTOGRAPHS EVERY DAY (except Sat and Sunday)

Over Plebe Summer 2016 we will take over 65,000 photographs, with 50 to 200 photographs of your plebe. This is a guarantee, as long as you take the time to "Find Waldo."  See Guarantee under Q&A tab. The term "Waldo" is a term we started using at the suggestion of a parent. It describes the process you will go through of looking through photographs to find your son/daughter. Sometimes, they "all look alike."


Set up your FREE ACCOUNT, and you will receive a daily newsletter from us:

A) What we photographed during the day;

B) What the Plebes did during the day, at least as much as we know. Many times we can even be very specific, down to the company. We are able to do this as we walk the yard daily with a cup of coffee in hand to be your eyes and ears.




Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios . . . since 1969