Please keep this email for future reference.


Thank you for signing up with Thornton Studios for photographs of your graduate during Commissioning Week.

MOBILE AP PHOTO MOMENTS: We will email to you about May 15 a link to download our mobile ap which will let you access photos on your mobile device during Commissioning Week as the photos are posted.

PROMO: If you recommend us to another parent, and they sign up for membership, we will give the both of you $5.00 in the form of a Gift Certificate. The new member will need to email us the day he/she signs up and lets us know who recommended them. 

TICKETS: We thank the parents who have offered us tickets to Graduation. We need 4 tickets for the 4 photographers who will be photographing your son/daughter during the graduation. If you are willing to provide, we will offer you $75.00 Gift Certificate. This offer is good for the first four tickets we receive. They are not given out until the day before graduation. 

Below please find general information on how to access the photographs and your membership.

LINKS TO PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN SINCE 2011, and including Plebe Summer 2011
Any of these photographs can be purchase with your CREDIT/GIFT CERTIFICATE.

1) The photographs of Commissioning Week can be found under the Comm Wk 2015 tab.
To access them all you need to do is sign in with your email and password. Your email address has been added to the list of clients who have automatic access. You can now access the galleries, that currently include samples.

The photographs are organized by the day of the event:

MONDAY, May 18th: Silent Drill Team
TUESDAY, May 19th: Pipes & Drums
WEDNESDAY, May 20: Blue Angels
THURSDAY, May 21: Color Parade. There will be a separate folder for each company, as well as a folder for the stripers who jump into the Santee Basin.
FRIDAY, May 22: Graduation.
  • The photographs will be grouped by companies, and in the order taken. The groupings will be approximate, with the top 100 in the first folder.
  • Processional: The graduates march two abreast, first the top 100, then company 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.
  • Ceremony General: One folder with all photographs, and will include Blue Angels, cap toss, Navy Blue and Gold, Three Cheers, and candids. You may find your graduate in the Cap Toss, Navy Blue and Gold, and/or Three Cheers.
  • Diplomas Biden's Hand Shake:    
  • You will probably find two photographs of this handshake as two photographers will be taking it.
  • Diplomas Leaving the Stage
  • May include several photographs, including receiving diploma, handshaking and/or leaving stage. We have two photographers assigned to the odd companies, and two assigned to the even companies as each leave the stage on opposite sides of the stage.

2) It will be difficult to contact me during Commissioning Week. However, my cell phone number is 443-699-3000.
3) The photograph can be accessed on your mobile device. We will send you a mobile ap called PHOTO MOMENTS so you can access photos during Commissioning Week.
4) Be sure to LOGIN each time you view the photographs with your email address and password. This will ensure that any and all photographs saved to FAVORITES will not be lost. 
5) If you try to access the photographs with a wrong password, you will be blocked from access for 24 hours. I do not have access to your password. 
6) Access to photographs will be available as outlined below.
Basic Membership thru June 15, Credit Membership through June 30, Family Photo + Credit thru July 31
7) Photographs will be posted as soon as we can post them. Some will be posted the same day. Others a few days after the event.



Basic Membership Info $7.95 Expires June 15, 2015
With this membership you purchased access to the photographs or files you find of your son/daughter from the last four years, as well as Commissioning Week 2015. Files/prints are purchased A LA CARTE. Access expires June 15.

Credit Membership $49.95 Expires June 30, 2015
You will have access to all photographs AS WELL AS $49.95 credit toward the purchase of photographs/files. This credit will be available through June 30. The credit is in the form of a Gift Certificate, not a Coupon. Your Gift Certificate Code is 2015EMAIL. For me, it would be 2015ThorntonStudios. You do not need the (or, etc.) after your email name. Credit and access expires June 30.

Family Photograph and Credit Membership $79.95 Expires July 31, 2015
You will have access to all photographs, AS WELL AS $139.95 credit toward the purchase of any photographs from previous years, Commissioning Week 2015, and/or your family photograph. We will be available for family photographs:
SUNDAY, May 17 from 0900 to 1200 hrs at the Mexican Monument. I will be wearing a gold baseball cap with my name on the visor, THORNTON.
FRIDAY, May 22 from 12:30 to about 1400 hrs. You can find us at one of the four corners where the first class will be seated during the ceremony. We will be wearing a gold baseball cap with THORNTON in navy blue letters on the visor. Photographs will be taken on a first come-first served basis. We will take, if you wish, a photograph of your midshipman holding his/her diploma and immediate family -- and then a photograph of extended family. The photographs will be found under the CLIENTS tab >> First Letter of Your Last Name >> Your graduate's LAST NAME.

The credit is in the form of a Gift Certificate, not a Coupon. Your Gift Certificate Code is 2015EMAIL. For me, it would be 2015ThorntonStudios. You do not need the (or, etc.) after your email name. Credit and access expires July 31 for those who wish to make Photo Books.

Please call me if you have any questions.
Larry Thornton