Q: How can I search for photographs?

A: Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the SEARCH link. The link works for all levels of membership, including the FREE. However, there will be only about 1,500 photographs for the FREE member -- compared to about 20,000 for the other memberships.

You can search using any of the following:

1) COMPANY: Type in any company letter (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,P). Click the search icon. Only the photographs corresponding to the company you typed in will populate the screen. As more and more photographs are posted, particularly during the end of the summer, the longer your wait time for the photographs to populate your screen.

2) PLATOON: Type in a platoon number (1,2,3, to 30). Click the search icon. Only the photographs corresponding to the platoon number typed in will populate the screen.

3) PHOTOGRAPH DATE: Type in a date (not case-sensitive):

The format for June is "JUN30".

The format for July is "JUL1".

The format for August is "AUG1".

Do not type in the quote marks or the period after the quote mark.

4) EVOLUTION: Type in one of the following:

5) For the two Induction Days, type in

"Napsters" for I-Day minus 1 reporting of NAPS candidates.

"Report" for I-Day reporting of all other candidates.

For the Oath of Office, type in:

"Ceremony" for the actual ceremony

"Crowd" for photographs of the crowd, that would be, you the parents

"Stribling" for parents and Plebes meeting after the ceremony.

6) For Plebe Summer evolutions, type in:

"Morning Colors" for photographs taken of the learning of how to raise the Colors by the Plebes. We usually photograph this from about July6 thru July 20.

"MealFormation" for photographs of the formations, which would include morning, noon time, and evening. We photograph this from about July 6 through July 20.

"SquadCombatCourse" for photographs of the Squad Combat Course. This very important evolution begins about July 20. It takes 15 days, excluding Sundays, for each of the 15 companies to complete. The last one is usually right before Parents' Weekend.

"Baysox" for the Bowie Baysox Game. This event will also be featured as an event as we can not distinguish between the companies during the game.


Hope this helps.


Larry Thornton

THORNTON STUDIOS   . . . since 1969