Q: Why have you photographed one company for an event like Damage Control and not the other companies?
A: Damage Control is an event we photograph 15 times, one for each company. As the event is held over a period of two weeks, it takes us two weeks to photograph each company. The other event we photograph over a period of two weeks (actually three weeks) is the Squad Combat Course.
Q: You have taken a lot of photographs of Meal Formations. Why am I not able to find my Plebe?
A: We photograph Meal Formations about 10 times, tyring to photograph every Plebe at least once. Unfortunately, it is a formation and the shorter Plebes are in the back two rows. Those are the hard rows to photograph. There are also several companies that are hard to photograph, as they are in the far left and right corners. These companies are: A, G, H, O, and P.
Q: Why do you photograph the same event, such as the Interval Training, several times?
A: There are many reasons. First, not all companies participate in the Interval Training on the day we first photograph it. Second, we may not have taken a photograph, or a good one, of your Plebe the first time we photographed the event. Third, you will have more choices. Fourthly, we photograph from different angles -- and are constantly finding new ones for better photographs.
Q: Can you photograph my Plebe's company more, or my Plebe?
A: Sorry, we can not. We photograph each company equally as much as we can.
Q: Why are there more photographs of one company than another?
A: If there are, it is because we are not finished taking photographs. In the end, there is equal amount roughly for each company. However, some companies are very difficult to photograph during some events. P Company is very difficult during Meal Formation as they are way back in the corner -- and not accessible. 
Q: When will I see more "action" photograps?
A: Soon. The first week is mostly PEP, Meal Formations and Close Order Drill. The second and third week we begin the major events, such as Damage Control 2 (Which is actually 3 events), the Squad Combat Course (which is 2 events) and Sailing. Also the Track Meet, Bowie Baysox.