Q: How long does the promo last? A: Until August 15, at which time we will add the $1.00 per parent who has signed up for the promo.
Q: Do we need to provide our Plebe's platoon number to receive the $1.00 per parent. A: YES, that's the only way we know how many parents have signed up in each platoon.
Q: What is the minimum number of parents who need to sign up for me to receive the $1.00 per parent?

A: Ten. If less than 10 parents sign up, the $1.00 per parent will not be added to you Coupon Code value.

Q: How do we let other parents in our son/daughter's platoon know about this promo? A: Word of mouth, but mostly through the Platoon Facebook page for the Class of 2021. Most platoon shave them.
Q: Will we know during the summer how many have signed up?

A: Yes, we will keep you informed.