You will find the Gallery ID at the bottom of the screen. It looks like this. It is used for several things. One is for personal galleries that I can send to you. More importantly, it is used to simplify your access to the daily photo postings. You can enter the Gallery ID for any day and access that day's postings. You do not need to "drill down" through Full Membership, etc.

Here's a sample Gallery ID. Scroll down for details.




June 30 is the day the photographs were taken. The "/1" stands for the first posting of the day. The second posting would be: June30/2. Etc.

If you type in a Gallery ID, let's say June30/11 and nothing shows up, it just means that it has not been posted -- or, more likely, the last posting for the day was June30/10. Incidentally, these links are all posted on Waldo News.

Just type in the code and get instant access to daily posting. You will need to log in to your account and enter the password, unless you have set up your computer to remember it.