To be sure your Favorites do not "disappear", you need to do the following:

1) Always use the same computer. Your computer will "remember" your Account ID and Password so every time you go to plebesummer.com, you will not have to log in to your account and enter the Photo password. If you use a second computer, you will beed to log in with or Account ID and password so this second computer will remember who you are. Please note that for some reason, you may be able to see your Favorites on one computer, but not the second one.

2) Always be sure your are "Logged in." Be sure you are "logged in." If you are not, the photographs are saved on your computer -- not our website. 

There are two ways to make sure you are "logged in"

FIRST you should see in the upper right hand corner of your screen "Welcome . . ."


The SECOND way is to scroll down to the lower left hand corner of your screen and be sure you see the word LOGOUT in orange letters.


To safeguard against your favorites "disappearing", you can do two things.

1) SHARE them with me. The SHARE button can befond in the upper right hand corner of your Favorotes Page


Click on SHARE FAVORITES will take you to this screen:


When you do this I have a copy of them. They are shared with me realtime so if you make a change the change is also made on my computer. If you lose the "favorites" I will still have them.

2) Write down the photo ID number. If for some reason they are ever lost, you can Search for them by using the Search function at the bottom of the screen.



Here is a PDF file that you can print. On it you can "Log" the photos you found of your son/daughter.



Contact me if you need any help.

Larry Thornton