Q&A Family Photograph Parents's Weekend


Q: Where do we meet you? A: At the Mexican Monument at the center of Stribling Walk. Stribling Walk is where you met your Plebe after the Oath of Office on I-Day.
Q: When will the photographs be available? A: Probably Wednesday August 16.
Q: How do I access the photographs? A. We will send you a link.
Q: What is included in the price? A: All of the files.
Q: How do we download the files? A: Go to the upper left hand corner of any images. A dropdown will appear. Hover over DOWNLOAD and click on ALL AVAILABLE photographs. They are downloaded as a ZIP FILE.
Q: Will you take photographs of my Plebe by himself? A: For a portrait of your Plebe it is best to sign up for a Plebe Portrait.
Q: What happens if it rains? A: We will meet in the Rotunda area at the bottom of the steps leading into Memorial Hall.
Q: What happens if I do not make the time I signed up for? A: Still come. We are not, however able to make refunds as we have reserved the time for you.