Q&A: Saving Photos for your Photo Book




Q: How many photographs can be in a Photo Book?
A: The $249.95 for the book includes 25 pages. Each page can accommodate up to four pages. How many photographs I put on a page will depend on a lot of factors, but usually I can get about 50 photographs in a 25-page Photo Book

Q:How much does it cost for extra page?

A: $10.00 for a page, or side. There are two sides to a page, so a page with photographs on both sides would be $20.00.
Q: How do I pay for the extra pages (sides)?
A: We will send you an invoice which you will pay on line.
Q: Can I design the layout for each page?
A: No. We do all that for you.
Q: How can I figure out what additional cost there will be while I am adding photographs to the book?
A: You can figure each set of 5 extra photographs adds two sides to the book. $20.00
Q: What do I do if I want to keep the book to the 25 pages I already paid for?
A: Add only 50 photographs to the Set of Favorites you created. This Set of Favorites should be labeled, "BrownBook." Replace the word "Brown" with you last name.
Q: Will all 50 photographs I select be in the book?
A: Not necessarily. We may delete some. Which ones will depend on many factors.
Q: Can I decide which photographs go on the front cover and the back cover of the book?
A: Yes. Below are default photographs for front and back cover.
Front Cover Back Cover
Front cover Choice AFront cover Choice A Back Cover Choice ABack Cover Choice A