STEP 1: Find a photograph you wish to order. For this "how to," we have selected the photograph you see below. In the upper right hand corner of the screen is an orange button, BUY. Click on it.


Clicking on the BUY button will take you to the screen below. You have 3 options: Prints, Downloads, and Photo Books. Click on PRINTS.


Clicking on PRINTS will take you to the screen below. You have 3 options:

Best Fit: Clicking on Best Fit will list the prints that have the same proportion as the photograph. Nothing will be cropped.

Small Format Prints: Clicking on All Prints will list the prints smaller than an 8x10

All Prints: Clicking on All Prints will list all your options, best, and small. We suggest this option.

Decide which print size you wish to order. Click on the SELECT link for the print size you want.


Clicking on SELECT will take you to this popup. Click the + to increase the number of prints, - to decrease the number of prints.

When you have the right number of prints, click on ADD TO CART.


When you click on ADD TO CART, in the upper right hand corner will appear the popup you see below. The popup will indicate what you have added to your cart. Please note that you have not actually ordered it -- only place it in your cart.


Click on VIEW CART to actually see your cart. It will look like the screen below if you have place only one order. In this case, one 8x10 Standard Print.

You can order now or just leave it in your cart for later. To remove from your cart click on REMOVE. If you want to empty everything in your cart, click on CLEAR CART.

NOTE: You can also, when you order the print, how you want it to be cropped.


If you want to checkout now, go to this link for directions.

If you have any questions, please call me: 443-699-3000.


Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios