You have placed an order for an 8x10 print in your cart. You can actually crop the print, either now or later.

If you crop now, the cropping will be saved. Click on the image you purchased, inside the orange box.


You will now see the screen below. The default cropping (CENTER) is what you see inside the orange box. The print you receive will not include the shaded area on the right and left of the print. The reason for this is that the proportion of the two sides of the original file, that is, the short side to the long side, is 66%. The proportion of the 8x10 print you ordered is 80%. The difference between 66% and 80% is 14%. You lose this 14% off the left and right side. This can be changed to some degree when you crop, but you will still lose he 14%. This will be explained after I explain the dialog above the photograph.


Click on the FIT link in the dialog. The screen below will appear. FIT means your print will include the entire image. But, you will have a white border on the top and bottom of the print. If you put this print in an 8x10 frame you will see the white border. You can cut the white border off. Then you will have a 7x10 print, roughly.

The link after the FIT is a sunset in color. This is the default print, that is, one in color.

Now click on the B&W sunset. The following screen will appear. You will now be ordering a black and white print.


If you click on the sepia sunset, you will be ordering a sepia toned print.


Now for cropping. You can change the orange cropping guide. Select any of the four corners. Below is shown the upper left one,

or "handle," as it is called.


Drag the handle and you will see the orange cropping box get smaller.



If you drag the "handle" up or down, it will turn vertical -- and your print will be vertical, instead of horizontal.

You can crop the photograph in as close as the "handle" lets you. Do keep in mind that the closer the crop, the less sharp the image will appear. These files are large, but you can only crop in so much. If you buy a download, you will have a problem if you make a print larger than the file size calls for.

A 1 MP file will print an acceptable 3.5x5 print, a 3 MP file a 5x7, and a 5MP file an 8x10.


Now that you have done the cropping, click SAVE AND CLOSE or DONE. The work you did will be saved in your cart.



When you click SAVE and CLOSE or DONE, you will be directed back to your Cart -- and you can see the cropping in the photograph.



If you have any questions, please call me at 443-699-3000.

Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios