Ready to checkout. You will need to be at the screen below.


Click on CHECKOUT NOW. The following screen will appear. Either CHECKOUT NOW will do, as seen below.


The following mailing address screen will appear. Fill it out as I have done.


When filled out, click on CONTINUE CHECKOUT. The screen below you will see next. Decide on your shipping method. Note that download files have no shipping.


COUPON CODE: You do not need to fill this out unless you have a COUPON CODE. If you do, enter it and click APPLY.

If you have CREDIT, the credit is given in the form of a GIFT CERTIFICATE. The COUPON CODE will not recognize the GIFT CERTIFICATE code.


Now click on CONTIN in the lower right hand corner. The screen below will appear. You have three payment choices.



If you click on GIFT CERTIOFICATE CODE, the following popup will appear. Enter your code and click APPLY. The GIFT CERTIFICATE CODE will probably be the exact amount of what you purchased. If it is more, the difference will remain as a GIFT CERTIFICATE. If less, you will be directed to PAYPAL or VISA/MC.


If you have not GIFT CERTIFICATE, click on CREDIT CARD. The following will appear.


If you wish to pay by PAYPAL, click on PAYPAL.


The following PAYPAL information will need to be provided.


Thank you for your order.

The rest is easy, hopefully.

If you need help call me at 443-699-3000.


Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios . . . since 1969