Q&A for 2013-2017 Photo Book


Q: When will I receive the book?

A: By Commissioning Week 2017, or before. You will need to meet the deadlines for this delivery.




Q: If I use my own photographs, how do I send them to you?

A: Email, as long as the quality is good.

Q: Will photographs of Commissioning Week 2017 be included?

A: No, unless you provide your own after graduation



Process for Ordering Book

Q: How do I tell you which photographs I want in the book?

A: Once your purchase access to all the photographs we have taken since 2013, find the ones you may want in the book. Save it as a favorite. Share your favorites with me.

Q: Will I see the layout of the book?

A: Yes, you have to approve it before I will order it.

Q: Can you put more than one photograph on a page?

A: yes I can. This would be a more custom book with an additional cost.


Photo Book Quality

Most of you know me well enough that quality is my main focus. We use the premium book publisher to make our books.

Q: Are the photographs edited by you?

A: Absolutely. We will also edit any photographs you send to us to include in the book.

Q: Will you tell us if a photograph we provide is good enough quality?

A: Yes, we will.

Q: What kind of paper is used in the book?

A: 120# with a satin finish for a smooth glossy look.

Q: What kind of cover does the book have?

A: It is a hard cover with a glossy finish.

Q: Are there options available for the book?

A: Yes, you can purchase a Photo Window Box, a Presentation Box, super gloss finish