Q&A on Photo Book for Plebe Summer 2016

How many photographs in a book?
The minimum is 22, which includes 20 on the inside of the book for the pages. Two more, one for the front cover and pone for the back cover.
Can my book include more than 22 photos, with 2o pages?
Yes, but in multiples of 10 only. For example, 32, 42, and 52. 52 is the maximum. Each additional 10 pages is $100.00.
Can I put more than photograph on a page?
If we make the book for you, you can only put one horizontal 8x0 on a page. If you create the book on our site, you can put 2 or 4 photos on a page.
Is the book horizontal or vertical?
It is horizontal.
Should the photographs for this horizontal book be horizontal?
Yes. If they are vertical there will a blank space on the right and left side of the page.
Can we put a title for the book and our plebes' name on the front cover of the book?
Can we use photographs from other sources?
Yes , you can. Our website, when making a book, will accept only prints at 200 DPI and at least an 8x10 size. If the photographs do not meet this minimum, we can "fudge" it a bit, but quality may be sacrificed in terms of sharpness.
How do we get these photographs to you?

Google Drive or put on a CD and mail to:

Larry Thornton, 2802 Autumn Chase Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401