We will have two promos during Plebe Summer. They are listed below:

COMPANY DISCOUNT COUPON: Every parent in your plebe's company who paid for membership can receive a COMPANY DISCOUNT COUPON. The more members you have from your company who purchase membership, the greater the value of the discount.  Last summer we had two companies reach 40 members. For each 3 members the coupon discount is 1%.

If 60 members purchase membership, the discount for everyone in the company would be 20%.

We will keep you posted as to how many company members you have as the summer progresses. Please contact us when you register to let us know what company your son/daughter is in.

Coupon will be emailed to you end of August and will be valid through Sept 30.

Refer us
and if the person purchases a membership, we will give both of you a $5.00 Gift Certificate. Last summer we had two parents who earned over $100.00 in credit for the purchase of a Plebe Summer photo book. The person you recommend can be in your plebe's company or another company. It doesn't matter. And if you recommend someone in your own company who purchases membership, you earn both the COMPANY DISCOUNT COUPON PERSONAL credit. The two Gift Certificates can be combines and expire June 30, 2016.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Larry Thornton 443-699-3000

EMAIL: Thornton

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