How to Use Redeem your Company Discount with the Company Coupon

To redeem your Company Discount, you will need to have a Coupon Code. This will emailed to you Sept 1 and will be good through Sept 30, 2015.

First, you need to set up an order in your cart. Once you have done this, click on the Cart link on this panel, to be found in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


The following screen, your cart, will appear. Below I have an order for five 5MP download files.


Click on Checkout Now, either one.


If you have ordered files, as is the case for this order, the Copyright Release form will appear, as below. Place a check in the "I have read . . ." button.


Click on Continue Checkout to go to:


Enter the information required, if not already filled in. Next click on Continue Checkout.


The above screen is where you type in your Coupon Code. It is in the upper right hand corner.


Type in the code as given to you. It is case sensitive.


If you type in the code incorrectly, the following will appear. Enter it again. If you entered it correctly and the following still appears, please contact me.



Be sure NOT to type in the Coupon Code on the left hand side where is says Gift Certificate. The Gift Certificate Code is an entirely different thing.




Call me if you need help   443-699-3000


Larry Thornton