Q: Do I need to do anything now? A: No, we will contact you in September with a link on how to sign up for a day and time.
Q: Where are the photographs taken?
A: In the Rotunda and Memorial Hall right inside Bancroft Hall.
Q: What uniform should my midshipman wear? A: We suggest the Full Dress Blues, which is the Parade uniform. It is however, your choice.
Q: How many poses will you take? A: 10-15
Q: Is editing included? A: No it is not.
Q: Can we order prints from you?  A: Yes.
Q: Are the files included in the price? A: Yes they are.
Q: How long is the session? A: 30 minutes
Q: What happens if the Academy requires at the last minute something for my mid to do? A: We would reschedule.
Q: When will the photographs be available? A: About a week.
Q: How will I get access to the photographs? A: We will send you a link.
Q: How do I download them? A: There is a download link in the upper left hand corner of each image.