The number of photographs you find of your Plebe depends on the access you purchase (ALL Find or EZ Find) AND the time you spend searching for your Waldo. With ALL Find you will have access to all 70,000 photographs and the use of our proprietary ALL Find SEARCH TOOL. With EZ Find, you will have access to about 30,000 photographs.

ALL Find Access to Waldo


Hover over ALL Find link to view the dropdown of postings.

You will see a sample posting for June 27 labeled:

June 27_ACE,MaybeFGHI,NoID,RepostA

This June 27 posting includes four photo gallery types.

COMPANY IDENTIFIED GALLERIES (ACE): In the sample above there would be photo galleries for companies A,C, and E. If your Plebe is in one of the companies you would click on the link.

MAYBE COMPANIES (MaybeFGHI): These are companies that may include your Plebe's Company. More search time is involved.

NoID (NoID): These are photographs that we have not yet identified the company. Even more search time is involved.

REPOST(REPOSTA): These are galleries that were MAYBE or NoFind galleries. With the help of our WALDO FINDERS, we have identified the company (Company A) and reposted the gallery. See WALDO FINDERS below.

Here is a PDF file if you wish to keep a record of the galleries you have searched:

NOTE: If you wish to use the SEARCH TOOL, please click here for HOW TO USE.


EZ FIND access to Waldo

Hover over the EZ Find tab to view the dropdown of postings.


You will see a sample posting for June 27 labeled:


If your Plebe had been in Company A, C or E, you would click on the link. If not, you would check back tomorrow for the next day's posting. For EZ Find we post 2-3 times a week -- when we have a gallery with the company identified. For ALL Find, almost every day. We do NOT post photographs every day for every company.  

Here is a PDF file for if you wish to keep a record of the galleries they have viewed:

If you have time to search, we suggest ALL Find for which there are postings every day.

WALDO FINDERS: Each summer we have parents from each company to help us identify the Companies in the Maybe and NoID galleries. We repost each gallery with the company once identified. This way we are all helping each other and everyone wins. To be a WALDO FINDER, and save money on your All Find access, please click here: