Plebe Summer 2018

VISION: Parent understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of Plebe Summer 2018

MISSION: To support the parents of he Midshipmen
VALUES: Quality, dedication, and service

Our website is simple and intuitive. To access photographs, log in to your FREE account. Click on the day's posting if it includes your Waldo's company. Click on the gallery for your Plebe's company. Find photographs, download as many as you can find. Post, print or share them. If the new posting does not include your Plebe's company, try again the next day. If you search only your Waldo's company, you will be searching about 10% of 70,000 photographs we post.

July06_A,B,K,M is a typical posting, and includes companies A, B, K and M.

CLICK HERE to see this sample posting:

Please note that each company posting is further divided into two photo galleries: one for males and one for females. If your Plebe is a male, this reduces your searching time by 20%. If a female, it reduces you searching time by 80%. Sometimes we are able to identify the last names. In this case, you can use our SEARCH tool to find these photographs. It is found at the bottom of the screen. You can type in the name Thornton and find samples. It is case sensitive.

How many photographs you find will totally depend on which access you purchase (as described below) and how much time you spend looking through the galleries. We will post about 70,000 photographs. You will need to do the looking.

Access choices:

     Access to Number of Photographs of Waldo # of Postings Per week Searches



This access is for those parents who have the time to search for WALDO and want all the photographs we take.

All 70,000 photographs 100-200 1-3


1) Search the galleries identified by Company. These are the same galleries for EZ FIND.

2) Search the galleries that we don't always know the exact company.



Good for parents with limited time. The 30,000 photographs we have identified by company. 40-60 6-7 Search the galleries identified by Company. This search is included in the ALL FIND access. You can upgrade at a later time ($99.95) to ALL FIND.


BUDGET PRINT PRICES(Custom quality prints are not available)

8x10/$9.95    6x9/$8.95    5x7/6.95     4x6/3.95    4x5/$3.95    Set of 4 Wallets/5.95




ADDON #1 / Photo Book / $199.95

You select the 40 photographs that you want in the 8x11.5 book. We do the rest.

Front Cover 0_Front Cover0_Front Cover
Sample Two Page Spread without copy Page 10+11Page 10+11
Sample Two page spread with Copy Page 20+21Page 20+21
Back Cover Z_Back CoverZ_Back Cover

ADDON #2 / Plebe Portrait In Fall / $89.95

You sign up for these photographs of your Plebe taken in the Rotunda and Memorial Hall. We do the rest.
Price includes about 15 files with 7-10 poses.

Midshipman Portraits  (13)Midshipman Portraits (13) Midshipman Portraits  (18)Midshipman Portraits (18) Midshipman Portraits  (25)Midshipman Portraits (25)
Midshipman Portraits  (4)Midshipman Portraits (4) Midshipman Portraits  (31)Midshipman Portraits (31) Bollman Alex 2021 1113Bollman Alex 2021 1113 Midshipman Portraits  (7)Midshipman Portraits (7)

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