Waldo News Training Day 3/Saturday, June 30

PHOTO BOOK Promo: The most popular product we have is the personalized 8x10 Photo Book with 25 photographs. You select the photographs and we do everything else- edit, design and print the book. Then we mail it to you. The price of the book is reduced by the number of parents in your company who have signed up for our services. See below.

1-20 Members 21-30 Members 31-40 Members 41-50 Members 50 or more members
$249.95 $199.95 $149.95 $99.95 $69.95

ANECDOTE: After Plebe Summer was over and all was said and done, a mother called me. She wanted me to see the best picture I took all summer of her daughter. She gave me the number and I viewed the photo. It was a good photo. But more importantly the mother said, “ Once I saw that picture, I knew my daughter was okay. I didn’t worry any more. Thank you.”


What is a "Sir Sandwich?" (Will be answered in tomorrow Daily News)



"Motivate Your Socks" is often heard during Plebe Summer. It is an order given to Plebes when, believe it or not, their socks are not pulled up on their legs. It just doesn't look very professional.

MONDAY, July 11 What the Plebes Did Today


Companies A-P: PEP at 0600 HRS, Ability Run

Company A: Damage Control 3

Company K, L,M: Went to Naval Station for USMC Obstacle Course, Weapons, "E" COurse,

N25: Tarzan Assauly Course

Companies 1-P: The first Close Order Drill on Worden Field


Larry Thornton


Value . . . 38 years