How do I?


You have two choices on when to crop: now or right before you order. Cropping for an 8x10 is particularly important because the aspect ratio of the 8x10.

NOTE: The aspect ration is the % relationship between one side of a photograph to the other, usually the short side to the long side. The file taken by most camera is 66%. The short side is 66% of the long side.

3.5x5 Prints: The aspect ratio (the 3.5 inch side as a proportion of the longer 5 inch side) is 70%. Since there is a 4% difference between the file ration and the 3.5x5 ratio, you will lose 4% of the image -- 2% on each side of the image. You can crop the image so that you lose the 2% only on one side -- or the other.

5x7 Prints: The aspect ratio (the 5 inch side as a proportion of the longer 7 inch side) is 71%, essentially the same as a 3.5x5.

8x10 Prints: The aspect ration (the 8 inch side as a portion of the longer 10 inch side) is 80%. The difference between the aspect ratio of the file (66%) and the 8x10 aspect ration of 80% is a large 14%.

You will lose 14% of the original image, all from the top, all from the bottom, or some from the top and some from the bottom. This is one form of cropping.

If you look at the screen below, you will see that the file has been automatically cropped to accommodate the 8x10 aspect ratio.


Above the photographs, you have 6 choices.

First, CENTER. If you select CENTER you will receive a print that includes the entire file, but there will be white space on the top and bottom of the photograph.

Second, FIT. If you select FIT the image will fill the entire 8x10 size but you will lose 14% of the file. What you lose can be adjusted by you.

Drag A Photo


When complete, the screen will look like this.

NOTE: The photographs you have selected are indicated with a green check box in the lower left hand corner.

Next, click on SAVE TO CART. You are done.

Navigate from one Gallery to another?

The photographs are organized into folders and then subfolders. Sometimes there will be a third layer of folders. Clicking on any folder will reveal all subfolders. If a folder is grey, it is a LINK to other folders. Click on it. 

NAVIGATION OF THIS SCREEN: In the upper left hand corner is the gallery hierarchy. It is Home>All Photographs>Level 1 Folders>Level 2 Folders -- and so on. You can click on any part of the hierarchy to go up the hierarchy. Clicking on HOME will take you back to the Home page, etc.

Navigate within a Gallery?

Hover over any thumbnail. A popup with the image number will appear.

Move your mouse onto the screen and two grey arrows will appear, one on the left (if there are images to the left) and one on the right (if there are images to the right). Left click on the arrow to see the next or previous photograph. If you are at the beginning or end of the slide show, only one arrow button will be available.

Left click on image if you want to see an even larger version of the photograph. To return to the slide show, click on the grey X in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Click on any thumbnail and the large version will replace the current large image.


BUY: Takes you to the BUY options.


SLIDESHOW: Click here to view the images in a large slide show.



Step 1:

Find a photograph you want to save. See below for sample. Move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of image and the white heart you see in the image below will appear. Left click on the heart. It will turn to a red heart, indicating your photo is saved.

Step 2:

When saved, the following will appear above THORNTON STUDIOS. It indicates that (1) photo has been saved to Favorites: My selection.



Step 3: Continue finding photographs and repeat the process.

NOTE: If you hover with your mouse over the upper left hand corner the following options will appear:

1) BUY: this link takes you directly to purchasing the photo. Two options are available:

First: Downloads in a 1 MP (Social Media and 3.5 x 5 print size), 3MP (makes an acceptable 5x7 print), and a 5MP (makes an acceptable 8x10 print). 

Second: Prints, available in 3.5 x 5, 5x7, and 8x10 sizes.

There is a THIRD option, a photo book. You will need to save at least 12 images to create a photo book. There will be a CREATE A PHOTO BOOK option when you open your Favorites.

2) ADD/REMOVE FROM FAVORITES: ADD TO FAVORITES will appear if you have not already added the image to your favorites. REMOVE will appear if you have already added the image to your favorites. Click REMOVE if you want to remove the photograph from MY FAVORITES.

3) DIM THE LIGHTS: Make the image larger so you can view more detail. To UNDIM THE LIGHTS, click on X in upper right hand corner of screen.


TIP: Instead of calling the photos you saved "Favorites: My selection" you can create you own name, like PHOTO BOOK or Commissioning Week. See below on how to do this.


NOTE: A pixel is a dot of color. Two hundred pixels are needed for one inch of color. A 1 x 1 inch square would need 200x200 (or 40,000) pixels. A 5x7 print is 35 square inches. To make an acceptable print, you multiply 35 x 40,000 -- or 1,400,000 (1.4 Million) pixels.


1 MP (1 Million Pixels)
Social Media and prints
3.5 x 5
3 MP (3 Million Pixels) Desktop prints 5 x 7
5 MP (5 Million Pixels) Wall Prints 8 x 10

Notice that if you order 3 files, you save 10% and if you order 5 files you save 20%. Once you decide, click the SELECT button.