STEP 1: Our services for Plebe Summer 2015

Since 1969, Thornton Studios has been supporting the Naval Academy and parent community. We do so for several reasons:
My father, though he never graduated, was in the Class of 1939.
2) A short story will perhaps illustrate the second reason. One summer, one Plebe mother eagerly spent her evenings searching for her son among all the photographs we had taken. She missed her son, the house was a void, and she had no idea what her son was doing since there is such limited contact. She finally found a great picture of him, ordered a print, put it in a frame and placed it on her desk. When her son came home for Thanksgiving, he looked at the photograph and said, "Mom, that's not me." To this she responded, "Yes it is, because it kept me happy all summer." Every summer I hear this same story.
3) Over the years I have heard it said that you need to do what you love and then it will not be "work." Photography is my passion, my hobby, my fun -- since my godmother gave me a brownie camera in 1955.  When it is a "job" I will probably no longer do it. The greatest joy is in helping parents find their "Waldo."

You can trust that we will take many quality photographs of your son/daughter during Plebe Summer 2015. Our focus is on capturing with the camera as many photographs of your son/daughter as possible -- not photographing as many events as possible.  Last summer we took over 50,000 photographs, averaging about 50 images per Plebe. One diligent parent found over 200 photographs. He did spend many entertaining evenings "looking for Waldo," as it is called. And a recent Commandant, when his son was going through Plebe Summer, commented during the Parents' Weekend, that he himself spent many evenings "Looking for Waldo." The phrase "Looking for Waldo" came from a parent, who had suggested it to me over 15 years ago. We have used it ever since.

The photographs we take during Induction Day will be Open to the Public and you can purchase download files and finished prints at various sizes. See chart below for pricing. To view photographs after Induction Day, you will need to purchase membership. All memberships include access to Plebe Summer. Access to Sea Trials (2016) and Herndon (2016) is available

Photo Products include:

  • 5 MP instant download files
  • Prints: wallets, 3.5x5, 5x7, and 8x10, and 11 x14
  • Plebe Summer 2015 Photo Book created by you on our website


(Includes royalty free license to use photographs for personal use only. You can make as many prints as you want locally or yourself.)


  • 20 5MP Downloads $99.95
  • 40 5MP Downloads $149.95 
  • 80 5MP Downloads $$199.95
  • 120 5MP Downloads $249.95
  • Unlimited Maximum Size Downloads $$349.95

This discount is valid only when all downloads are purchased at the same time.

Prints if ordered on our site:


3 1/2 x 5 
5 x 7 8 x 10


Photo Books (with photographs by Thornton Studios and ones you provide as well)
5 x 5 with 12 pages: $100.00 (Soft Cover Book)
Additional pages available.

5 x 5 with 20 pages: $150.00 (Hard Cover Book) Additional pages available.

8.5 x 11 with 20 pages: $220.00 (Hard Cover Book) Additional pages available.

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