STEP 4: Information about how to find photographs of your WALDO.

To find the photographs posted for any day during Plebe Summer 2015, place your cursor over the tab at the top corresponding to your membership level: Social Media, Basic, or Credit. It is at the top of the page on a horizontal bare with orange links. See below.



In case you cannot read this bar it reads from left to right:

Photo Access   Open to Public   Social Media Access  Basic Member   Credit Member   Help Me   Archives   Clients   Yard

A dropdown will appear, with the following links:

  • Information about your Membership. EXAMPLE: Social Media Access Info
  • Samples 2014
  • Photographs. This dropdown links to the photographs from Plebe Summer 2015. 
  • Upgrades for Social Media and Basic Members only
  • Family Portrait Parents Weekend Information
  • Plebe Portrait in Fall information

Click on Photographs and the photograph galleries will appear for Plebe Summer 2015 photographs. There will be the following:

  • Groups: it is a grey box (it is not empty, but a LINK) that LINKS to photographs of Guide On Bearers, Detailers Set 1, Detailers Set 2, D&B, and Color Guard. We will add photographs to these groups as the summer progresses.
  • June 30: Induction Day NAPS: Click on this link if your Plebe went to NAPS last year.
  • July 1: Induction Day: Report
  • July 1: Induction Day: PM Candids Donated by Parents

The following will actually be posted July 2 and 3 so there are not too many photographs to view at one time

  • July 1: Oath of Office Marching to Seats Platoons 15-30 Right Side
  • July 1: Oath of Office Marching to Seats Platoon 1-15 Left Side
  • July 1: Oath of Office Meeting Parents Stribling Walk
  • July 1: Oath of Office Into Bancroft Hall by Platoon

Starting July 2, all photographs will be organized by COMPANY. Membership is required. Click on July 2 to access photographs from July 2. The other dates (July 3, July 4, etc.) will be posted as the photographs are taken. They are usually posted the day after they are taken, but it may take a day or two to post them all.  We spread them out so you do not have too many photographs to view at one time. When you click on July 2, etc. the screen below will appear.  NOW, just click on your son/daughter's company/platoon. Note that the companies are not in order, but they are all there.


1) The companies are NOT IN ORDER. They are all there, however. Just scroll down the page.

2) We are not able to post photographs of every company every day, though we try. If any photographs have been posted for the day, you will see a orange arrow on the right hand side of the screen indicating photographs have been posted for the day.

3) If we photograph any plebes and are not able to identify what company he/she is in, we will post them in every company folder. These identified photographs may be of your son;daughter. We do not want to miss you finding him/her.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any concerns/questions. I am here to help. 443-699-3000.

Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios . . since 1969