There are three steps to signing up for Comm Wk 2016 Photography

STEP 1: Create an Account. It is FREE and essential to viewing/saving photographs.
Scroll down to the bottom left of the home page and left click on LOGIN.



You will be given two options: Already Registered? and Create An Account.


You want to Create An Account. It is FREE, but required to access the photographs.
Fill in FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESSPASSWORD, and VERIFY PASSWORD. This password is for the account you are now creating A second password will give you access to the photographs. It will emailed to you after you purchase membership.
Click on REGISTER. You are done with STEP 1. The next step is STEP 2, signing up to access photographs.


You can sign up for an account by clicking here:


1) When you go to the website, always log in first. That way your favorites will be saved.

2) Avoid using IPADs.

3) Record your password. If you type in the wrong password three times, you will be blocked from access for 24 hours.

You have finished STEP 1. Next you need to read about Comm Wk 2016 services, along with your options.

If you have any questions, contact me at 443-699-3000



Larry Thornton/Thornton Studios