Promotions for Plebe Summer 2017

Platoon Promotion
The Platoon promotion adds $1.00 to your Coupon value for each Platoon parent that signs up for Plebe Sumemr 2017. To sign up for this promotion, you only need to email us with your name and your Plebe's Platoon number. We will keep track of how many parents sign up for each platoon. The promotion ends August 15 after Parents Weekend. After August 15 we will add the $1.00 to each coupon value.
Four Year Promotion

The Four Year Promotion gives you $10.00 credit for each parent you recommend to us.

DURING PLEBE SUMMER 2017: For each parent during Plebe Summer who signs up based on your recommendation, we add $10.00 credit your Coupon value. To register just email us and let us know what you want your Coupon Code to be. Then give this Coupon Code to parents you recommend. The parent using the Coupon Code received $10.00 discount on signing up. You receive $10.00 credit. Win-win-win. Promotion ends August 15.

AFTER PLEBE SUMMER 2017: For each parent you recommend who signs up for a Midshipman Portrait, you receive $10.00 discount on a Portrait during Youngster, Second Class, and First Class Year. Just give the parent your Coupon Code. We keep track of usage. You can even use the code yourself to sign up for a midshipman portrait Youngster, Second Class of First Class Year.