Access / $29.95

The access includes all photographs taken during Plebe Summer, about 65,000.

There are abut 50-60 photographs of your Plebe, though there could be many more. Some parents have found 150-200.

The photographs are organized chronologically. They photographs are identified with the date take, the companies photographed, and the event. Also included is the % chance that you will find your Plebe.

One 5MP file is $4.95.

A 5 MP file is not an actual photograph. It is the digital information needed to make a photograph. The 5MP file can make a print up to an 8x10.


Instead of purchasing one file at a time, you can order in the following number of files at a significant discount: 25, 50, 75, or 100.

Just find the photographs, save them as favorites-- and then contact me. I will put them in special gallery that will allow you to download them as a ZIP FILE all at once.


  25 50 75 100+
Discount 25% 35% 45% 50%
If purchased one at a time. $123.75 $247.50 $371.25 $499.95
Discounted Price $92. $160. $241. $299.