How to Place a File in Your Cart

First go to the gallery where the photograph is that you wish to purchase the file.

Here is our sample gallery we have been working with.


Move your mouse to the upper left hand corner of the large photograph. A MENU dropdown will appear, with the following options: BUY, REMOVE FROM FAVORITES, SHARE DIM the LIGHTS. Click on BUY and the screen below will appear. There are three buy file options for a 5 MP file. We offer a 5 MP file because it will make an acceptable 8x10 print, usually the largest size anyone really wants to make. It will make a sharper better 5x7 or 3.5x5 size print. It can also be used for Social Media.


Hover your mouse over One 5 MP Download File for $7.95. The One 5 MP Download file will be highlighted in gray.


Click on More Info and you will view more information about the file, its size, as well as a link to the Royalty-free personal use.


The Royalty-free personal use essentially says you can use the file to make prints for personal use. The entire text is below, though you can't really read it. If you want to read it, click on Show full license text.


Click on Add To Cart. This will take you back to the gallery, but now you will see in the upper right hand corner of your screen the following:


To actually View the Cart, click on View Cart. Below is the cart for the one 5MP file.



You can Continue to Checkout now, or come back later, after you have added more items to your cart. You cart will not be deleted, but you must make sure you are logged in when you save anything to your cart.

If you want to purchase your file and download it right now, read under How Do I . . . tab at top of screen the Checkout.


Call me if you have any questions. Best not to call before 0900 HRS as I am photographing your son/daughter then.

Larry Thornton 443-699-3000