A pixel is the smallest color component of an image.

The file size of the image you downloaded should be 5MP. The MP stands for Megapixels. 5 Megapixels are 5 million pixels.

To determine if the image is 5 MP image, multiply the pixel width by pixel height.

A 3212 width X a 2140 height equals 6,873,680 pixels -- or 6.8 million pixels.

This size file should make a 8x10 quality print. Here is how you figure that out.

Each inch of photograph paper needs a minimum of 200 pixels to maintain quality. The 3212 width divided by 200 equals 16 inches. The 2140 height divided by 200 equals 10.7 inches. This file size will make an acceptable 16 x 10.7 print.

Hope this helps.

Larry Thornton / Thornton Studios