PHOTO BOOK: Selecting your Photographs
We have sent you a link to the photographs you wish to consider for your Plebe Summer Photo Book. We have also tried to make this is as easy as possible for you.

Click on the link and you will see two galleries:


These are photographs that you have sent us, either from the Alumni Association or ones you personally took. They are the photographs we do not recommend based on print size, DPI (Dots Per Inch), lighting, lack of focus, and other factors.  You of course are welcome to use these in the book, but it is our recommendation not to.

RECOMMENDED for Photo Book

These photographs include all the ones from your FAVORITES, and the ones we recommend for us from the Alumni Association or your personal photographs.


You need to do the following:

1) Create a new set of FAVORITES. Label it YOURLASTNAME Photo Book. You can create a new set of Favorites by placing your mouse over My Selection. A dropdown will appear and you will see Add New Set. Click on it. You will asked to name it.

2) Open up RECOMMENDED for Photo Book gallery. Select one photograph, any one, and SAVE it to the YOURLASTNAME Photo Book favorites.

3) Open up the YOURLASTNAME Photo Book favorites and SHARE them with me. This is a backup in case everything goes wrong. It is a real-time backup, so as you make changes I will have them on my end.

4) Now go back to the RECOMMENDED for Photo Book gallery. Select the photographs you really want in your book. I would suggest not worrying about how many you have, but you do need to be selective. Also you need to know that the photo book is horizontal -- or landscape format. A horizontal photo will fill the page while a vertical photo will not. The vertical photo will have empty white  space on either side of the photograph.

5) Now go to the NOT RECOMMENDED Photo Book gallery. Select any photographs you just have to have because it is important. Keep in mind that I can place it in the book but will reduce its size on the page if I don't think it will be to sharp.

6) Next, go to YOURLASTNAME Photo Book. Start eliminating photographs. Note that you can have 52, 42, 32, or 22 8x10 photographs in your book. There is one photo for the front cover and one photo for the back cover as well as 20, 30, 40, or 50 for the inside pages. You have paid for 20 photographs on the inside pages. You can add, in multiples of 20, more. Each additional set of 10 photographs cost an additional $100.00

7) When you have your final 52, 42, 32, or 33 email me and tell me you have finished selecting your photographs.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you start to get frustrated, or confused, call me at 443-699-3000.


Larry Thornton

Thornton Studios