Below you will find the copy for the Photo Books. We provide this copy as you may not be able to read them on the Design Layout you were linked to.

The copy below is in a horizontal format. In you book it may be in a square or vertical format. The copy will essentially be the same. We also provide this copy to be sure there are not errors. It is not possible, without additional cost, to reorder a book once it is printed. Please read the copy below carefully.

Book Copy PEP HBook Copy PEP H  
Book Copy NS HBook Copy NS H  
Book Copy PW HBook Copy PW H  
Book Copy ID HBook Copy ID H  
Book Copy BS HBook Copy BS H  
Book Copy DC HBook Copy DC H Book Copy MF HBook Copy MF H  
Book Copy Nav HBook Copy Nav H  
Book Copy Parades HBook Copy Parades H  
Book Copy SCC HBook Copy SCC H  
Book Copy Smoker HBook Copy Smoker H